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Leidos Digital Solutions, Inc. (DSI) delivers Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) to elected officials and agencies across the nation in both the legislative and executive branches of Federal, State and Local governments.  Each of our customers have constituencies they serve.  In this broader context, we understand that both customer service and constituent service is vital to good government.  Our customers express their requirements in contracts and client work orders.  We work hard to meet and exceed their expectations and we measure our performance in a variety of ways.  We sample customer satisfaction upon completion of service requests. We ask for renewal and take pride in our high customer retention.  Our success translates to our customer’s success as each are retained by their constituencies.  By each measure – contract award, sales, service request survey, customer retention and our customer’s success – we take pride in team accomplishment. 

How we gather customer feedback

For nearly two decades, we have also conducted an annual customer satisfaction survey.  We ask our customers to rate us on seven quantitative measures – responsiveness, reliability, professionalism, understanding, technical capabilities, communication, and overall performance.  Our scores have remained consistently high – with the sum of all measures scoring in the 90th percentile year in and year out.  We are proud that professionalism and responsiveness consistently rank among our best attributes year after year.  We foster a continuous improvement culture that focuses attention on all seven measures, at all times.  As a result, we now boast more than two thirds of all Members of Congress and half of the nation’s governors among our customers.  We serve executive branch agencies and legislative bodies at all levels of government.  

What our customers say about us

Our annual survey also asks for qualitative feedback and we use that feedback to drive our continuous improvement culture.  We received hundreds of comments praising the individual accomplishments of our staff. For example, a Midwestern Congressional Office wrote, “Every person I've worked with has demonstrated superior customer service skills. They are quick to respond and fix any issues I may have”, while a New York legislative correspondent called out IQ staff for going “above and beyond at helping our office figure out a more streamlined process."  A leading Governor’s office emphasized that IQ’s integration was “very good” and noted the support was “exemplary.”

Why this is important to us

Keeping a feedback loop is vital and it has been key to maintaining our relative strength in the marketplace.  Customers challenge us; focus our attention; and drive us to innovate.  As a result we have extended our lead in town hall and constituent data integration; we were first to integrate with TourTrackr – the leader in Congressional tour management; and we have successfully integrated Poliscribe – a natural language generation solution.  We have improved how we connect legislative bill data with constituent communications.  Our new Task Builder application simplifies key processes and enhances user experience on mobile devices.   Our “IQ to IQ” functionality lets users share data agency to agency.  Each of these innovations have benefited from our customer service focus.  Thank you.  Please continue to share your thoughts with us. We listen.  We take action. We deliver.