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As we gear up for our next IQ update, we actively engage with our customers for feedback. Below are the top 10 IQ features you should know about that our customers are currently using to efficiently serve their constituents. We’ve also provided additional resources on how you can take advantage of them. Need an introduction to IQ? Register for one of our virtual courses!

1) Machine Learning
IQ automatically groups and sorts similar messages together for you and even calls out bill information. IQ can also anticipate your office's initiatives by making suggestions on what letters should be sent out. Contact our team for a demonstration.

2) Incoming Mail Tile
On your homepage, IQ users can quickly see at a high level the following types of queued messages: 1) open messages, 2) active batches, 3) unbatched messages, 4) messages with no letter assigned and 5) messages in sets. Watch our eLearning video on IQ’s mail tile.

3) Digital Privacy Release
Did you know IQ integrates with digital privacy release forms technology? Not only are you able to take in Privacy Release forms electronically with a signature, but the casework request and privacy release PDF are securely transmitted into IQ as an open case. This minimizes the amount of data entry you have to do to receive assistance from federal agencies. Contact our team at for more information.

4) Open Messages Tile
At a glance, see how many email campaign messages you have vs. individual messages from your website. This can also be customized to show you bill related messages as well as how many email campaigns need to be addressed. Watch our eLearning video collection on message management.

5) IQ’s Opinion Center
Quickly enter opinions and summaries of constituent interactions and search contact records on the fly during calls. You can now also open NEW service records as needed or quickly look up existing services in case constituents call for an update. View our Quick Reference Guide on using the Opinion Center.

6) Duplicate Detection
IQ automatically detects and removes duplicate contacts from any outbound communication. You can now also enable IQ to look for similar incoming messages that are part of email campaigns and close them out automatically. View our Quick Reference Guide on how to merge duplicate contact records.

7) Ready-to-Send Tile
IQ's Ready-to-Send tile shows ALL messages that are in “approved” status with an approved form letter regardless of what batch they are in so you can send all at once, without performing searches or using filters. Watch our eLearning video on configuring the Ready-to-Send homepage tile.

8) Ability to Combine Similar Email Campaigns
You have the ability to consolidate email campaigns on the fly or enable IQ to do it automatically for you to reduce the amount of email campaigns you have to read. View our Quick Reference Guide on how to combine campaigns.

9) My Batches Tile
Track your largest batches with open messages or the ones that have no letter assigned to them. This acts as the final step in the review process before messages are sent out. Watch our eLearning video on managing batches in our message management series.

10) Auto-Assign and/or Send Responses
Assigned specific responses to inbound email campaigns so you can focus on constituents who have reached out individually through your website. You can also configure responses to be sent automatically as needed. View our Quick Reference Guide on how to create auto response rules for campaign messages.

Want to see any of these features in action?