#SOTU2019: Plan Your Response Now

Here's what you need to know about the State of the Union.

January 30, 2019

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Although everything is now set and ready to go, the details surrounding President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address on February 5th have been a bit murky to say the least. While blogs and press releases are fine ways to share your Member’s thoughts on the State of the Union, here are a few easy, affordable ways to express a more personal, engaging response. If you start planning now, your office’s response plan can be crystal clear.

Live Streaming Audio/Video

Stacey Abrams doesn’t have to be the only person giving a live video response to the State of the Union address. In fact, many Members of Congress will share their thoughts after the speech using the latest live streaming and audio technology. Access Live puts this technology directly in your office, allowing you to hold professional quality live events and engage personally with your community. Set-up is quick and easy, pricing is affordable, and our team is by your side every step of the way. Access Live events are not only for smartphone and internet users, but are also 100% accessible to individuals who prefer to join in via landline. Plus, any data you collect during the event (e.g., poll questions, contact info, etc.) is automatically collected and imported into IQ. 

Results matter and Access Live delivers. Check out our blog that outlines key findings showing that a single event can increase approval ratings on specific issues by as much as 38%.

Email Optimization

Mass email is a fast, easy, and effective way to get your response out to the masses. That said, your office probably already has a process in place and, if you’re an IQ office, it's at no extra cost for you. With that in mind, there are a number of ways you can improve and optimize your email outreach to maximize your reach.

1) Clean up your contact data. Databases are tough to maintain even for Freshman Members who have been in office for just a few short weeks. Other Freshmen may have the opposite problem—not having any contacts in their systems to email! The good news is that you’ve got options, all of which can be implemented in time for a rapid response after the president’s address. We offer a number of purchasing options to meet your needs, including monthly subscriptions that refresh your data regularly or perform a one-time data refresh.

2) Follow email best practices. Every office has its own voice and it’s important to be true to your Member’s personal brand. However, following a few simple email best practices can have a significant impact on open rates and engagement metrics. 

See a recent blog where we talk about ten easy ways you can help your email perform. 

Social Media Integration

Chances are, your office will start to see constituent comments and questions about the State of the Union on social media before the speech has even begun. And, considering the drama and uncertainty surrounding this year’s address, the inquiries may have already begun! Depending on your office’s social media policy (if you don’t have one, we recommend writing one ASAP), you may be planning to respond in real time as the comments come in. This is a great way to stay engaged with your community and to show your constituents that your office is accessible. But how are you going to save and log all of these interactions? IQ comes fully integrated with all major social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. When you activate these integrations, all social media activity (e.g., comments, direct messages, etc.) is captured in IQ for analysis and follow-up. IQ even allows you to respond in-kind directly within IQ. The Social Media Center in IQ also gives you a fully developed suite of analytics and monitoring solutions that let you track and monitor key performance indicators on all of your channels.

Not sure if your social media integration is turned on or not? Just ask.

Following such a publicly anticipated event as this year's State of the Union, your constituents will be eagerly awaiting your reply. Schedule your response through Access Live today by clicking here or emailing house.sales@leidos.com.