Digitize Your Office's Paper Forms with IQ

How IQ helps you digitize print-only forms into encrypted webforms.

August 22, 2019

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Although we live in a digital age, a lot of government work is being conducted as it always has been: on paper. While paper forms may be familiar and comfortable, they’re certainly not the most efficient option for your constituents or your staff. Whether you’re dealing with academy nominations or D.C. tour requests, digitizing your office’s paper forms with IQ will streamline the process and decrease turnaround times for your office.

How does it work?

IQ users can easily create forms in IQ, customizing templates with user defined fields and your office’s own branding. The digital forms you create in IQ can be immediately embedded on your website or emailed out, and the information that your constituents submit will be pulled into IQ, automatically creating a new message or service record affiliated with an existing or new contact record for each constituent.

Security is a common concern for Congressional offices and their constituents when it comes to webforms--and rightly so. Usually when an internet user fills out a webform online, their webform submission is then emailed to the recipient. This email transaction is a problem for Congressional offices who handle private constituent information on a daily basis. In order to protect this data, entries in IQ’s webforms are not emailed but encrypted and sent directly to the IQ Connect server. IQ then checks in with the server to intake the encrypted data from your office’s webforms. This allows Congressional offices to take advantage of the convenience of webforms without having to sacrifice their constituents' privacy.

How does it help?

Congressional offices spend a lot of time interacting with their constituents. Whether through a telephone town hall, tweet, or email campaign, your office is constantly reaching out to constituents--and just as importantly, your constituents are also trying to reach you. IQ’s webforms make your office more accessible and responsive for constituents wishing to express an opinion or request a service. Offices are currently using webforms to intake academy nominations, flag and tour requests, casework, and much more.

With paper forms, constituents spend time locating the form on your website, printing the form, filling it out by hand, and mailing it in to your office, at which point they may have to wait days or even weeks to receive a response. By going digital, all your constituents can easily access and submit a form in a matter of seconds!

It goes without saying that every paper form submitted to you office will end up in the hands of an unlucky staffer who may spend hours inputting the data into IQ. With webforms, IQ offices can complete this days-long process in minutes, easily generating and posting to an external site and then waiting for the entries to be automatically and securely entered into IQ. Give your staffers a break and your constituents some peace of mind by cutting out the middleman and digitizing your forms. Say goodbye to clutter and busywork--all constituent data will be easily accessible in IQ!

Visit the help function in IQ or ask your ITC how your office can start digitizing paper forms today! Not an IQ user yet? Schedule a demo here.