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You’ve been watching TV pundits make high-quality appearances from their homes for months. With our new multi-site video streaming product, you can execute comparable events with multiple hosts in various locations and similar production elements such as custom graphics and lower thirds.

Here’s how your telephone town hall is taken to the next level:

  • Easily invite your audience to see all of the hosts simultaneously (up to 8 people on camera) and engage in a remote, secure and interactive conversation.
  • All you and your guest hosts need is a laptop with a camera and microphone or smartphone, and an internet connection, no software required.
  • Unique to DSI’s multi-site streaming product is any data collected from the audience (i.e. Poll Questions are automatically imported to IQ to be viewed at any time.
  • Expand your audience further by having your streaming event simulcast to Facebook in addition to your website.
  • Your personal Production Specialist will ensure your multi-site video is tailored to your look and feel and runs smoothly throughout your event.

Interested in using multi-site video streaming for your next telephone town hall? Contact our team at to learn more.