5 Things IQ Can Do Besides Mail (Part 2)

Here are 5 examples of the ways IQ is meeting the needs of government offices and agencies across the country.

July 31, 2019

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As the leading CRM in the pubic sector, IQ is an extremely flexible tool designed to fit the needs of a variety of government entities. On Capitol Hill, where we serve 65% of the U.S. Congress, IQ is widely known for its use as a correspondence management tool–storing, processing, and responding to countless of pieces of incoming mail from constituents daily. However, IQ also has a large footprint beyond Congress, currently being leveraged across the country in 50% of U.S. Governors' offices and more than 100 federal, state, and local government agencies. Serving this diverse clientele has allowed us to grow from a simple CRM to a comprehensive digital solution that can be customized to fit any organization's individual needs. Here are five examples of how IQ is meeting the needs of other offices or agencies and new ways it may be able to serve yours as well. (Click here to read part one of this blog series.)

Analyze Reports & Analytics

IQ includes advanced analytics and reporting features that help you and your staff make data-driven decisions. From the Executive Summary Report to a custom report built specifically for your office, IQ's reporting tools allow you to view high level data on your office or agency's productivity, allowing you to analyze and streamline internal processes to better serve your citizens. IQ also houses thorough outreach analytics so you can view vital statistics on your newsletters to constituents, such as open and click-through rates.

Host Events with IQ & Eventbrite 

IQ integrates with Eventbrite, the leading events management platform in the country, to streamline the scheduling process for government offices and agencies. Besides IQ's own scheduling functionality which allows users to manage multiple calendars at once and integrate with Microsoft Outlook, our Eventbrite integration allows you to easily promote and host an event through Eventbrite and then import all data, such as attendee contact information, into IQ after the event. 

Create Encrypted Webforms 

Users can easily create interactive surveys and webforms in IQ's outreach module. These forms can then be sent directly to citizens or posted to your public website, where citizens can fill out the form and their data will flow automatically back into IQ. Webforms are perfect for gathering newsletter opt-ins, creating new service requests, and even completing privacy release forms through our secure encrypted webforms.

Map Precise Demographic Selections

For new data selections, IQ users can make precise demographic selections with the Constituent Mapping tool. This interactive modeling feature allows you to apply filters to your audience based on likely support of certain issues. Create and save the list and the audience universe will be automatically imported into IQ where you can use the new data to improve your targeted outreach, such as enewsletters, telephone town halls, and event invitations.

Chat with the IQ Help Desk Online

When you choose IQ, your office or agency benefits from our experienced support team, including IT consultants (ITCs), project managers (PMs), Engineers, trainers, and our customer service center–now available via phone, email, and live chat support! Live chat allows you to speak with an IQ expert immediately without ever leaving IQ.

IQ is much more than a correspondence management tool–it's a flexible, configurable CRM solution created to meet the needs of every office or agency it serves. From telephone town halls to tour requests, IQ users can take advantage of our many integrations, keeping all data and interactions within IQ's versatile and user-friendly interface. Contact us for more information and to request a free demo today!