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Meet your intelligent communications assistant, Poliscribe, now integrated into the #1 CRM, Intranet Quorum (IQ). Given the high volume of correspondence elected officials receive each year, it can be a challenge to respond to each one in a timely, personal manner. Poliscribe offers a web-based solution that connects to existing systems, understands members’ positions and the legislative process to craft thoughtful, engaging, and informative letters on demand.

Here’s how Poliscribe can effectively supplement your constituent communications: 

  • Comprehensive database of Member’s positions on bills and issues
  • Connected to LegisScan to download legislative information and current status.
  • Ability to store Member disposition and bill summaries from current and past legislative sessions.
  • Quickly generate letters based on a few easy settings.
  • Natural Language Generation system will blend elements of the Member’s position, relevant bills, and other timely content.

Watch Poliscribe in action with IQ:


Contact our sales team at to start using Poliscribe with a 2 month free trial valid thru March 2021.