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Democracy is not dead; it has just been waiting to be organized.  IQ’s groundbreaking new release delivers efficient, powerful, and integrated new features to increase your productivity and turn daunting tasks into praiseworthy accomplishments.  Inspired by machine learning and natural language generation, IQ organizes vast stores of data that have long been available but disconnected – creating order out of chaos.  IQ aligns legislative bill data with constituent messages in a way that lets you establish rules that categorize, tag, and respond to your constituents instantly.  Not in weeks, not in days, not in hours, but in minutes. 

Leveraging up to the minute data from Congress.Gov and your office’s constituent mail, IQ interprets the constituent’s position and lets you respond instantly in context.  You set the rules once, and you let IQ respond automatically.  The full record of the correspondence is logged, categorized and tagged.  Instead of a single constituent transaction, you can increase engagement and create lasting relationships with constituents by sending follow up outreach, surveys, town hall invitations, and more. 

This time saving approach creates new opportunities for staff collaboration and productivity.  Tedious, repetitive tasks are now off the table freeing each member of the team for more thoughtful and productive work.  It offers the goals of machine learning delivered today.  To be clear, you remain in control.  You still take a position and set your own rules for how you want to process your mail and how you want to respond. It is just faster and more efficient than other solutions.

Productivity and efficiency are important, but there are many other advantages as well. The meaning, volume, and sentiment of your constituent’s messages is immediately counted, quantified, and available through reports and data analytics.  Your understanding of individual constituent positions grows each day and further informed by any other engagement you might have with them including their requests, casework, virtual town hall participation, phone calls and shared calendar events. 

Innovation is not just a promise for the future; innovation is a result of careful planning and hard work.  Leidos delivers the tools you need to sustain and grow your constituent engagement.  IQ lets you hit the ground running and never stop.