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Each year we develop new and innovative features to help your office serve constituents as efficiently as possible with IQ. From configuring the home page to fit your staff role, to utilizing new functionality like the Advocacy Center, Screen Pop, and A/B testing, here are some features you may not know exist in IQ and how you can take advantage of them.

Ready-to-Send Tile

The ready-to-send tile in IQ provides easy access right from the IQ homepage to messages that are approved and ready to send out. Users can customize the tile to display email or non-email messages assigned to you or the entire office that are ready to send. Ready to learn more? Watch our elearning video.

Advocacy Center

IQ users can now view all important advocacy campaign statistics in one location under the new Advocacy Center accessible in the messages menu in IQ. In one dashboard, staffers can see all active campaigns and easily take action on outstanding messages. Watch this elearning video to learn more about the IQ Advocacy Center.

Opinion Center

Whether via a phone call, office visit, fax, or email, users can easily record constituent comments as well as contact information for later follow up in IQ’s Opinion Center. Read this quick reference guide to learn more about logging opinions in IQ.

A/B Testing

IQ allows users to A/B test outreach by sending two versions of an enewsletter to a sample audience to see which performs best. A/B testing is a great way to optimize your outreach engagement by testing a subject line, banner image, color scheme, or other type of content. And IQ users can try it out with just three easy steps: 1) create their two versions 2) select the sample size, the length of the test, criteria for the winning outreach 3) build and send. New to A/B testing? Read our blog on strategies for optimizing your A/B test and read this quick reference guide to learn how to set up an A/B test in IQ.

Follow-Up Campaigns

IQ’s enewsletter builder has the ability to send follow up outreach based on your initial campaign audience’s engagement. Users can automatically send follow up emails to the original audience or just to those who opened and clicked through the message, making it simple and easy to send campaigns with more than one touch point. Find out how to set up a follow up outreach in IQ with this quick reference guide.

Screen Pop

Based on direct input from House users, we’ve developed IQ Screen Pop as a new feature that identifies existing contacts by incoming phone number or prompts you to create a new contact, automatically opens the IQ Opinion Center to enter call details, and logs the call in your database. Not only does IQ Screen Pop save time and make accurate call-logging easier, it also allows your staff to give the caller their full attention, rather than multi-tasking and searching the database while trying to fully participate in the call at the same time. Please contact your Leidos representative or to learn more about setting it up for your office.

Digital Privacy Release Forms

IQ integrates with digital privacy release form technology to allow constituents to initiate casework and sign a privacy release for federal agencies via an online web form, which can be linked on your Member’s website or sent directly to a constituent. After a constituent signs and submits the form, the casework request and privacy release PDF are securely transmitted into IQ as an open case and your office can begin its typical casework processes. Digitizing this process gives constituents open access to constituent services and makes receiving assistance from federal agencies easier, faster, and more user-friendly. Interested? Contact us at to learn more.

Telephone Town Hall Automation

IQ integrates with the leading telephone town hall technology on the market to automatically import all attendee and participant data into IQ after the event for easy follow up and analysis. Our experienced team guides you through every step of holding an event from scheduling to training screeners to a custom promotion plan for your office. Visit our telephone town hall resource page to learn everything you need to know about hosting an event integrated with IQ.

URL Tracking

IQ users can now track URL clicks in enewsletters to identify what content specific contacts are engaging with in their outreach. Staffers can track URL clicks in outreach by assigning an affiliation code to contacts who click on specific links. To set up this function, go to the review tab within your outreach, expand the “Show Click-Throughs” field, and assign the appropriate affiliation code in the dropdown next to the corresponding URL.

Active Batch Tile

Another helpful tile that users can configure and add to their IQ homepage is the Active Batch Tile. This tile displays the count of active batches that are pending in your office. To learn more, read our quick reference guide on customizing your IQ home page.