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Our training classes posted below are offered to active IQ users.  These are virtual sessions using Cisco WebEx . All posted sessions are EST.  For questions regarding Training, please contact our team

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  • An IQ Course is a standard 60 or 90 minute session that provides a comprehensive discussion on a IQ module and/or process.
  • An IQ Workshop is a 30 minute session that focuses on an activity.  These are offered every Wednesday. 

Please scroll down and review the agenda prior to registering into a session.

  • Course: The session is cancelled after 10 minutes if no confirmed attendee is present.  
  • Workshop: The session is cancelled after 5 minutes if no confirmed attendee is present. 

Please register at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to a session to notify the instructor accordingly.

Need to withdraw from a class in which you registered?  Simply decline the session from your WebEx calendar invitation and that will notify us about your cancellation. We request at least a 24 hour cancellation notification.


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2022 Agendas

Intro to IQ4.pdf  Recommended for new IQ users or staff who want to take a refresher course. 

In addition to Intro to IQ4, we offer the following:
  1. Managing Casework Services.pdf  Recommended for District Office Team or staff who manages their office’s casework services.
  2. Managing Messages.pdf  Recommended for Legislative Team or staff who manages their office’s correspondences.
  3. Managing eNewsletter Activities.pdf  Recommended for Communications Team or  staff who manages eNewsletters/Press Releases.
  1. Assigning Bill Responses.pdf  Responding to messages specific to Bill and their positions.
  2. Batching Messages.pdf  Learning IQ best practices on creating batches to process IQ messages. 
  3. Creating Form Letter.pdf  Creating Form Letters and managing their approval process. 
  4. Managing Campaign.pdf Using Auto Send feature for Campaigns and learning to combine Campaigns. 
  5. Using LegiStats Module.pdf  Using LegiStats module to view bill-related information, biographical data on Members of Congress, and constituents’ demographic information.
  1. Creating Surveys and Web Forms.pdf Creating surveys and Web Forms that can be used with outreach materials.
  2. Sending 499's in IQ.pdf Creating audience lists for mailings sent during blackout periods.
  1. Generating Reports.pdf  Using existing reports or generating reports in IQ Tool.
  2. Managing Contacts.pdf  Organizing and managing contact records within IQ.

These workshops are available via on-demand basis. To request one of these workshops, or a training for your whole office on these and other topics, fill out our Training Request Form. 

  1.  Approving Form Letters and Messages.pdf  Routing messages and Form Letters for approval.
  2. Conducting AB Tests for eNewsletters.pdf  Comparing the effectiveness of eNewsletters using "split test”.
  3. Creating Event Schedule Cards.pdf  Creating Schedule Cards.
  4. Managing Flag or Tour Requests.pdf  Processing and tracking Tour or Flaq requests.
  5. Scheduling Requests.pdf  Streamlining and managing event requests.
  6. Using IQ with MS Outlook Add-In.pdf  Using the integration between Microsoft Outlook and IQ.
  7. Completing Digital Privacy Release Forms.pdf  Using these forms to support casework services. This workshop is tailored for House customers.
  8. Using Audience Builder.pdf Creating an audience list based on common attributes of contact records.