IQ is a powerful, highly intuitive communications tool made up of seven fully integrated applications. Each application is delivered with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use tools that support every function in your office. IQ is structured around a centralized database where every interaction is saved in one place, allowing your whole team to easily collaborate and share data in real time - whether they’re in the office in DC or back in the district. IQ provides your entire staff with the tools they need to do their job. For example, you’ll have reporting and analytics tools for your Executive staff, bill tracking and correspondence tools for the Legislative team, and proactive outreach and social media integration for your Communications staff.

Message Management
IQ makes it easy to analyze, track and respond to the thousands of incoming messages Congressional offices receive each day. Whether it’s phone calls, social media dialog, emails, letters, or even office visits—IQ keeps track of every interaction you have with the people you serve.
Constituent Services
IQ is built with dozens of service templates at your fingertips for the common requests every Congressional offices receive like tour requests, flag requests, casework, grant management, academy nominations and help navigating federal bureaucracy. See how easy it is to track, manage and complete constituent services requests in IQ.
The IQ Outreach application provides an intuitive platform for building custom outbound content like eNewsletters, surveys and encrypted web forms—plus tools for offline communication like telephone town halls and printed mailings.
Social Media
IQ offers the most comprehensive social media integration of any CRM on the Hill. We'll link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts with IQ so you can capture and respond in-kind to every inbound comment or message. Use the Social Media Center in IQ to monitor trends, track audience growth, and analyze other key performance indicators.
The IQ Events application is a comprehensive scheduling and event management tool that makes it easy to manage the Members’ schedule, create events, communicate with attendees, assign staff coverage, manage group schedules and much more.
Legislative Tracking
IQ is the only CRM tool on the Hill that provides integrated, interactive legislative tracking tools with real-time insights into member voting histories, constituent demographic data, legislative tracking templates and more.
Reports and Analytics
IQ is delivered out-of-the box with dozens of interactive mobile-ready reports and dashboards that provide clear visibility into office activities. Advanced analytics tools are featured throughout the system, giving you actionable metrics in real time on communications, staff productivity, event details, and more. Your Chief of Staff will love them.
TourTrackr is the modern solution for streamlining and simplifying the tour booking process for Congressional offices and is now integrated with IQ. Now you can manage all your office’s tour booking requests easily and seamlessly from right within IQ.