Article One

IQ, the leading CRM on Capitol Hill is now integrated with Article One—the groundbreaking new voicemail transcription technology from the OpenGov Foundation. IQ + Article One saves Congressional staffers time, improves accuracy and gives you new, actionable data. All directly in IQ.

Chiefs of Staff Love IQ + Article One

Article One is cutting-edge communications technology that empowers IQ customer offices in six new ways:

Unlimited Voicemail Capacity
Your constituents will never get a busy signal or face a frustrating full inbox.

Automated Transcription + Seamless Delivery
Every single voicemail, seamlessly transcribed and delivered, with an audio file backup, into IQ. No more staff time wasted manually logging messages.

Captures Critical Constituent Data
Constituent contact information is automatically gathered, giving staff everything they need to accurately log every message, grow your lists and improve the accuracy of your data. Your boss can even add a custom welcome message for your constituents.

Protects You During High Volume Days
No more phones ringing off the hook from advocacy campaigns. Flip on Article One and you’re done.

Saves Your Team Time and Your Office Money
Save valuable staff time, prevent wasted effort and avoid constituent communications mistakes. Handling your voicemail with Article One is like adding a whole additional Staff Assistant to your team without having to hire, train or pay one.

Brings the Best Private-Sector Tech into Congress
Article One harnesses the same powerful communications and customer engagement technology used by Amazon, Google, AirBnB, and Walmart to supercharge IQ and your constituent communications operation.


A Lifesaver for Frontline Staff

Unlimited voicemail capacity
Never scramble to manually clear out the voicemail box again on weekends, holidays or during social outings with friends. 

Become the office hero.
Impress your bosses by leveraging the latest technology on the Hill, making your office more efficient and effective. 

Be a morning person again.
Every frontline staffer has experienced the dread of entering the office to face a jam-packed voicemail box and knowing what the next several hours hold. Article One removes that anxiety and lets you start the day focused and ready to tackle the days’ top priorities.

Advocacy campaigns? No problem.
Article One is the best defense there is against disruptive advocacy campaigns and high-volume moments of pure pain.  Never again get derailed by an avalanche of calls during a busy workday.