Proactive engagement is a crucial component of every successful communication strategy.  The IQ Outreach application provides an intuitive platform for building custom outbound content like eNewsletters, surveys and encrypted web forms—plus tools for offline communication like telephone town halls and printed mailings.  Because Outreach shares the same database as the other IQ applications, it’s easy to define highly targeted audiences based on demographic profiles, issues, correspondence history, survey responses and any other data points you’ve captured in your system.  Here’s how it works.

  • eNewsletter Wizard
  • Surveys and Web Forms
  • 499s
eNewsletter Wizard

Sending customized, targeted eNewsletters in IQ is as easy as counting to four. Our eNewsletter Wizard guides you through a simple four-step process that takes you from assembly, to content creation, to defining an audience and ultimately sending. Adding interactive content like images, videos, surveys and links is as easy as pointing and clicking and gives you the tools you need to engage with constituents. Once your eNewsletter has gone out, you can access detailed performance analytics in just one click.

Surveys and Web Forms

The Outreach application provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating interactive surveys with real time results and encrypted web forms—both of which can be embedded in a newsletter or shared online through your website or social media channels. Because Outreach shares the same database as the other IQ applications, survey responses and web form submissions can be automatically tagged to contacts in IQ with no extra data entry needed.


Our outreach is designed with a unique capability that helps Congressional offices maintain proactive communications to constituents, even during blackout periods. In compliance with Franking Rules on communications blackout periods, IQ makes it easy to identify an audience for outreach to 499 or fewer constituents. Rather than building a mailing list one-by-one until you reach the limit, you can define an audience based on demographic or issues data as you would with a normal mailing. With one click, IQ takes a random sampling of 499 people in that group and you have a fully compliant audience ready to go.