Follow-up campaigns allow you to define subsequent actions after sending out an enewsletter, based on the actions of the recipients. For example, you can specify a follow-up letter to be sent to those contacts who read the email, or to those who did not.

1. Begin your outreach using the enewsletter builder.

2. Before choosing to build or send the outreach, click the Actions drop-down on the enewsletter review screen and click Set up Follow-up Campaign.

3. Choose the number of follow-up emails you wish to send to contacts who received the email, contacts who viewed the email, contacts who took the survey, and/or contacts that clicked on a tracked link.

4. You may also choose to send a number of follow-up emails to contacts who did not view the email, take the survey, or click on tracked links.

5. Choose the form letter you wish to send as a follow-up to the selected contacts. Choose the date and time you would like the emails to be sent out.

6. Click Create Follow-up Campaign.