IQ is a powerful, highly intuitive communications tool made up of a suite of fully integrated communications and service tracking applications. Each
application is delivered with a comprehensive set of ready-to-use tools that support every function in your office.  IQ is structured around a centralized database where every interaction is saved in one place, allowing your whole team to easily collaborate and share data in real time - whether they’re in the office in the office or out in the field. IQ provides your entire staff with the tools they need to do their job. Reporting and analytics tools for your leadership team, bill tracking tools for the legislative team plus citizen services, outreach and social media integration for your communications staff.

Message Management
IQ makes it easy to analyze, track and respond to the thousands of incoming messages government agencies receive each day. Phone calls, social media dialog, emails, letters, or even office visits—IQ keeps track of every interaction your agency has with the public.
IQ FedCloud™
The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) standardizes cloud security for government vendors, saving government agencies countless hours in the authorization process. As a FedRAMP certified vendor, government agencies can be confident in the security of IQ FedCloud™ without needing to test or verify it themselves.
Social Media
IQ comes ready to integrate with all your official social media channels. We'll link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts with IQ so you can capture and respond in-kind to every inbound comment or message. Use the Social Media Center in IQ to monitor trends, track audience growth, and analyze other key performance indicators.
Business Process Management
IQ is built with dozens of pre-built workflow templates ready for your agency to use on day one but we also create custom workflows based on your unique needs. Our Business Process Analysts (BPA) engage with you immediately after contract award to understand your processes, identify bottlenecks and build custom workflow templates in IQ based on your specific processes and requirements.
The IQ Outreach application provides an intuitive platform for building custom outbound content like eNewsletters, surveys and encrypted web forms—plus tools for offline communication like telephone town halls and printed mailings.
The IQ Events application is a comprehensive scheduling and event management tool that makes it easy to manage your boss's schedule, create new events, communicate with attendees, assign staff coverage, manage group schedules and much more.
Reports and Analytics
IQ is delivered, out-of-the box, with dozens of interactive mobile-ready reports and dashboards that provide clear visibility into office activities. Advanced analytics tools are featured throughout the system, giving you actionable metrics in real time on staff productivity, communications trends, event details and more. Your leadership team will love them.
IQ Boards
IQ is the only CRM on the market that fully integrates board and commission management tools. IQ helps streamline board management processes to make maintaining rosters, hosting and amending rules and managing applications and confirmations simple and painless.