Message Management

Government agencies receive a staggering amount of inbound communication every day—in some cases a thousand or more emails just overnight!  IQ provides flexible, intuitive solutions that make it easy to analyze, track and respond to these incoming messages in bulk or individually.  Whether it’s phone calls, social media dialog, emails, letters, or even office visits—IQ keeps track of every interaction you have with the people you serve.

  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Advocacy Mail Management
  • Version Control and Approval Process
Filtering and Sorting

The intuitive filtering options found throughout IQ give you the ability to sort and manage your office’s inbox by date, issue, approval status, incoming method and more. Not only does IQ continually analyze and sort your incoming mail, it also tracks your responses and can even suggest language based on how you have replied to similar messages in the past.

Advocacy Mail Management

Campaigns from large advocacy groups represent a significant portion of many agencies’ inbound mail volume. The IQ Campaign Finder is a proprietary tool that automatically analyzes and groups inbound messages based on percentage of common text found in each message. Once IQ recognizes an advocacy campaign, it suggests a response based on subject matter and previous correspondence, and then allows you to either respond en masse with a pre-approved form letter or simply save the campaign for your records. Once an advocacy campaign has been identified, you can create rules to automatically handle similar campaign messages in the future, saving you both time and energy.

Version Control and Approval Process

IQ ensures consistent and accurate messaging through a series of customizable controls and permissions settings. Dynamic routing in IQ makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and gain approval on outbound messages. IQ’s smart design and search functionality puts all pre-approved documents and form letters at your fingertips.