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In addition to providing the leading CRM on the Hill, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of additional communications tools to Member and Committee offices, each of which includes full data integration with IQ.

  • Telephone Town Halls
  • Voter Data Services
  • Web Design and Support
Telephone Town Halls


Connect with thousands of constituents, live over the phone, from the comfort of your office. Include interactive elements like live polls and video and then import all data into IQ (or other CRM) free of charge after your event. Vekeo, the new media platform for elected officials, takes Telephone Town Halls to the next level with a free channel web page where you can post audio highlights and high speed web streaming of all your events. Contact us for pricing

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Voter Data Services


Keep your office’s contact data current with regular data updates from Leidos DSI. We work with an industry leading data provider to offer you several data packages complete with fully vetted voter data including emails, home addresses and demographic analysis. Each of our flexible purchasing plans comes with 24/7 access to the interactive mapping tool, IQ offices enjoy the added benefit of a custom integration with that allows data to be pulled directly into IQ for advanced targeting and outreach. Get a demo!

Web Design and Support


We’re proud to offer award winning website design and development services. Our web team will work with you to understand your design and functionality goals, and then will create a full-featured website based on your requirements. Once your site is live, our support team will be available to update content whenever necessary.

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Quorum Analytics


Meet the next generation in legislative strategy. Quorum Analytics is an innovative new platform that puts the world’s most comprehensive database of legislative information at your fingertips. Quickly access bills, votes, Tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, floor statements, hearing schedules and transcripts, committee reports, Dear Colleague letters, CRS reports, and more. Use Quorum Analytics to identify key players on specific issues, discover key stakeholders and expand your legislative coalition. 

IQ Boards


Boards and commissions allow citizens to take an active role in shaping public policy. But the administration of boards can be cumbersome and time consuming. IQ is the only CRM on the market that fully integrates board management tools making it simpler than ever to manage all your state and local political affairs in one platform. IQ integrates with external legislative websites and makes board management processes like maintaining rosters and managing applications and confirmations simple and painless.