Voter Data Services

Our team works hand-in-hand with an industry-leading voter data provider to offer you several flexible data plans that can fit any budget. IQ offices get fully-vetted voter files automatically imported into their system including emails, home addresses and other demographic data.  Keep your system clean and optimize your outreach with a fresh batch of voter data.

Data Plans

Promoting meaningful engagement with the public starts with reliable contact information. We're proud to offer your office several ways to access fully-vetted voter data that will give your office deep insight into the demographic all around the country. When you choose one of our 12 or 24-month data plans, you’ll have confidence in knowing that your message hits its mark – every time. Each plan includes a scrubbed voter file (names, addresses, phone numbers, voting histories) and access to We also offer subscriptions that include verified, scrubbed emails.



Every data plan we offer comes with unlimited 24-hour access to ConstituentMapping, a web-based constituent analysis and data selection tool unlike anything else available on the market today.  

Outreach Made Simple
ConstituentMapping gives users the ability to instantly make selections, analyze those selections and export those lists.

Demographic Selections
Hundreds of demographic selections are made available inside ConstituentMapping allowing users to narrow their universes and target constituents down to a strict set of criteria.

Instant Analysis
As you utilize L2 ConstituentMapping’s vast array of demographic information the map will instantly change and you will see your district mapped by only those constituents included in your selections.


Integration with IQ

Through a custom API between Leidos and L2, our CRM solution Intranet Quorum (IQ)
is now fully integrated with the highest-quality data on the market. When you choose
L2 as your data provider, IQ offices save time and energy with immediate access to any
audience universes you create in ConstituentMapping.

How Does It Work?
An API acts as “digital handshake” allowing for seamless integration between two software solutions. Leidos and L2 developers worked together to bring you this custom integration that allows data to flow securely and automatically between the ConstituentMapping platform and IQ.

How it Helps You
Simply stated, the integration between IQ and ConstituentMapping saves you time and energy, while at the same time, putting the highest-quality demographic data at your fingertips. This new integration not only makes you more efficient, it actually cleans and updates your database. Every time you create a new ConstituentMapping universe, IQ automatically compares to your existing contacts, updates contact info removes duplicates.