Social Media

In today’s dynamic communications environment, an active presence on social media is no longer an optional part of an agency’s communications strategy—it’s a must. IQ is the only CRM designed specifically for the public sector that integrates with leading social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Flickr. Our social media integration even allows you to capture, analyze and respond in-kind to every inbound comment or message—all without leaving IQ.  

  • NEW Social Media Center
  • IQ Stream
  • Social Media Matching
NEW Social Media Center

The IQ Social Media Center takes a “big data” approach to social listening and analytics by giving you instant access to key performance indicators on each of your social channels.  Use the Social Media Center to track engagement trends, monitor audience growth, watch trending topics and import every interaction directly into your system.  All from one screen.  All without leaving IQ.  Click here to see more.

IQ Stream

Designed to provide an easy way to monitor your social channels in real time, Stream provides an integrated live feed of your office’s Twitter timeline, plus Facebook, Instagram and YouTube comments. In Stream you can easily save and archive any social media activity you see for later analysis and responses or simply keep an eye on what’s going on outside of the office.

Social Media Matching

Using a proprietary matching algorithm, IQ can be configured to run automatic searches on your saved contacts to find and match any corresponding social media handles that you haven’t already captured in IQ. This functionality gives your office more ways to connect and engage with constituents and even identify and target social influencers based on Klout scores.