Citizen Services

FOIA requests, grant applications, document management, case tracking, PIRs and PRAs are just the beginning when it comes to responding to citizen requests and managing agency business.  IQ is delivered out-of-the box with dozens of Service templates that help you manage common processes like these.  But IQ is also delivered on a powerful and flexibility platform that allows you to build custom workflow templates based on your own unique business processes.  

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Unmatched Support
Business Process Analysis
At the beginning of every client engagement, prior to contract award, our team performs a comprehensive Business Process Analysis (BPA) to assess your unique needs, identify risks and gaps and to make recommendations in a Proof of Concept report.  Our top priority in the early stages of our partnership is developing a hands-on understanding of how your enterprise works.
Process Design

Finding efficiencies, removing procedural roadblocks and optimizing agency business processes is what we do best.  Our business analysts work directly with your cross-functional teams to evaluate and rebuild your key business processes in IQ in order to maximize efficiency, consistency and security.  

Unmatched Support
Every IQ client is matched with a dedicated team of professionals with the experience and expertise to keep things running smoothly, 24/7:

Project Manager:  Your primary point of contact for “behind the scenes” technical issues and support for end-users.

IT Consultant (ITC):  Your dedicated IQ subject matter expert. Your ITC will become fluent in your internal processes and how they relate to IQ in order to provide personalized support on a day-to-day basis.

Engineer:  Installs, configures and maintains IQ in your environment, ensuring peak performance and compliance.

Trainer:  Works with ITC to understand your processes and prepares custom training curriculum based on these specifics.  Provides both on-site and remote support to end-users.