More Solutions

In addition to our flagship Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) solution IQ, we're proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT and communications services to Governors' and Mayors' offices.  From web design services, to streaming telephone town hall events (Access Live) to data services and more, we are the one-stop-shop for all your technical and communications needs.

Access Live
Access Live events are the telephone town hall for the digital age. Connect with thousands of citizens live, on any device they choose—an internet connection is all they need. Include interactive elements like real-time polls and live streaming video and then import all data into IQ (or another CRM) free of charge after your event.
Voter Data Services
Our team works hand-in-hand with an industry-leading voter data provider to offer you several flexible data plans that can fit any budget. IQ offices get fully-vetted voter files automatically imported into their system including emails, home addresses and other demographic data. Keep your system clean and optimize your outreach with a fresh batch of voter data.
Web Design & Support
Your website may be the first and most frequent point of contact you have with your community. Make it a true asset with a custom website built by one of the the fastest-growing web design shops in the public sector: Leidos Creative Services. With our highly competitive pricing model and award winning design-team, you also benefit from robust integrations with IQ—the leading CRM solution in government.
Quorum Analytics
Quorum Analytics is an innovative new platform that puts the world's most comprehensive legislative database at your fingertips. Developed at Harvard, based on a computational biochemistry modeling technologies, Quorum Analytics is a transformational platform that helps elected officials identify key players on specific issues, discover new stakeholders and expand legislative coalitions.