From the Executive all the way down to junior level staff, a reliable scheduling system is a must-have for a productive office dynamic.  The IQ Events application is a comprehensive scheduling and event management tool that makes it easy to manage the boss’s schedule, create events, communicate with attendees, assign staff coverage, manage group schedules and much more. 

  • Advanced Scheduling Features
  • Outlook Integration
  • Eventbrite
Advanced Scheduling Features

The IQ Events application delivers a familiar, intuitive scheduling interface with functionality beyond anything else available from a government CRM today. These enhanced features allow for everything from printed daily schedule cards (still the favorite way for some executives to track appointments!) to sophisticated reporting on visits to specific geographic locations. Because Events shares the same database as the other IQ applications, every attendee can be tagged in IQ for follow-up, thank you notes or future event invitations.

Outlook Integration

IQ Events comes fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to create IQ contact records, messages and new events directly from Outlook. With just one click of the mouse, events scheduled in IQ can be pushed out to multiple Outlook calendars saving time and eliminating the mistakes that can come from using two independent scheduling systems.


IQ’s integration with Eventbrite gives your office seamless access to the leading events management platform in the US. When you schedule an event through your Eventbrite account, all event data streams into IQ allowing you to capture attendance data, responses to poll questions, and even send targeted thank you notes and follow-ups directly from IQ.