The easiest way of checking for Voicemails is to use the Voicemail Tile on your Home Screen. This tile will show you a live count of how many voicemails are inside of IQ currently, clicking on it will take you to the open Voicemail Messages:
Voicemail Homepage tile in IQ
You can also click on the “Retrieve voicemails” link under message utilities in the big menu of IQ. Clicking the “Retrieve Voice Messages” button will run the functionality and place the new voicemail messages into the VOICEMAIL set (Messages -> All Message Sets)
Clicking the Retrieve Voice Messages link will display a dialog with the “Retrieve Voice Messages” button.



What does IQ capture and display from the voicemails?

Clicking the button, you will be taken into the VOICEMAIL set. Expanding the row displays the Incoming transcribed voicemail message and a “play” icon for listening to the recorded Name and Voicemail message.



The incoming attachments will include a sound file (playable by clicking the small play icon) of the callers recorded name and message along with the transcription of their message. They will then process the message by reviewing the name and matching records for accuracy along with the transcription of the message itself.


Can I edit the information on the caller in IQ?

Voicemails are matched up to an existing Contact based on Name, phone number and zip code. Select the Search Again in-row action to look for alternate records. It will display the Find Contact, which includes the name, phone number and zip code along with an iframe with the contents of the transcribed voicemail message and a Listen to Name link.



Click the Select in-row action to link the specified contact record to the Message record.



How can I respond to this message in or assign it to another staffer for further processing in IQ?

Select the Change Response and Status in-row action to select a staffer and/or add a response letter and post the record from the Voicemail set:


Here I can take a number of actions including:

  • Assign to another staffer
  • Assign a form letter
  • Tag with an Issue Code
  • Post to Messages (in a batch or without a batch)


Once posted, this results in a Message record with the .wav files as Incoming attachments: