Logging a New Opinion

  1. From the Messages Big Menu, select Opinion under the New column.
  2. In the Method In field, select the appropriate incoming method (e.g. Telephone, Fax, or US Mail)
  3. Enter the constituent’s Comments (e.g. Questions on the budget, etc.).
  4. Type the Name and Address in the appropriate fields and click the Search button.
    1. Either select an existing Contact or the Add New Contact radio button.
    2. If appropriate, select an Affiliation(s), Issue(s), Assigned To, Method Out, Form Letter, and/or Batch Name.
      1. Click the Respond button to create a Pending Message record or click Do not Respond to create a

Closed with No Response Message record.

Once the message information has been saved, the screen will refresh to enter the next opinion.

Opinion Center Screenshot


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