IQ allows users to enter the location of where a Service is being requested so that the location can be mapped either in the Service record itself or with a heat map to show multiple Service locations on a single map.

When the user fills in the Locations field, the address is converted to latitude and longitude and is visible on a map by clicking the icon next to the location field.

address field

Note: The location field is a specific type of field within a Service and must be set up as a location field when creating the Service template. It can also be added to existing Service templates.


If a user wants to see the location of multiple services, they can filter for the Services they want to map on the Services search results page and choose Location Map from the More row action.

Service record

Each Service will be highlighted by a point on the map. If you click on the point on the map, the actual Service related to the point will be shown. And if you mouse over the point on the map, the actual location will be shown.

Service Location Finder


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