Communicate directly with constituents using IQ Text Messaging. We integrate with a third party text messaging service to make it easy to send and respond to text messages straight from IQ bringing you even more ways to communicate with your constituents.

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Engage Through Texting

Store in IQ
With IQ Texting, you can communicate with constituents in a way that is accessible to the general public, with a familiar interface and process!

Receive & Respond to Texts
All incoming text messages are sent to a queue where they can be saved, removed, replied to, or assigned to another staffer.

Send Mass Texts
IQ users can now send mass text messages to constituents. Our interface mimics how text messages are displayed on a mobile phone and stores mass text in each individual contact record.

Manage 1-1 Conversations
IQ Texting also allows users to manage one-on-one text conversation threads within IQ. These interactions are stored in new and existing contact records for future reference.

Communicate Directly with Constituents
Unlike other forms of mass outreach, text messaging circumvents short attention spans and spam filters, allowing you to reach your constituents directly and immediately.

View Full Contact History
IQ users can view a constituent's full communication history within each contact record, including social media messages, emails, phone calls, contact forms, and now text messages.

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