There are a few ways to tag a number or contact as “do not call” for telephone town halls as well as for other varieties of outreach. Some constituents may prefer not to be called at particular numbers where as some may not want to be called at all. The options are as follows:

Tag the Number in the Contact Record with the “Do Not Call” Flag

  1. From the Contacts big menu, locate the contact in IQ.
  2. Open the contact record. Click the pencil icon next to the Phone Numbers column.
  3. Select the Do Not Call option and save. Note, this will update ALL numbers in the system as well.

Tag the Contact with the “Do Not Call” Affiliation Code

  1. From the Contacts big menu, locate the contact in which you want to add an affiliation code.
  2. Select +Affiliation from the in-row action menu OR select the Change drop down and then select Affiliation.
  3. When you have selected the affiliation code (e.g. Do Not Call or TTH.OPTOUT), select Add.

PLEASE NOTE: This will make ALL numbers in a contact record be excluded from receiving a call via Broadnet

Upload a spreadsheet to update en masse using an Excel spreadsheet

Users can perform the first method en masse utilizing the “Update Do Not Call” feature under the Contacts big menu Utilities column. Note, the first column must be the phone number column and no other data is required.

  1. From the Contacts big menu, select Update Do Not Call under Utilities. This will prompt the “DNC Updates” window to open.
  2. Drag or drop the files (Must be Tab Delimited) into the selected area, or click the box to browse for files.
  3. Select Update.