5 Things IQ Can Do Besides Mail (Part 1)

Here are 5 examples of the ways IQ is meeting the needs of government offices and agencies across the country.
July 24, 2019 Blog


As the leading CRM in the pubic sector, IQ is an extremely flexible tool designed to fit the needs of a variety of government entities. On Capitol Hill, where we serve 65% of the U.S. Congress, IQ is widely known for its use as a correspondence management tool–storing, processing, and responding to countless of pieces of incoming mail from constituents daily. However, IQ also has a large footprint beyond Congress, currently being leveraged across the country in 50% of U.S. Governors' offices and more than 100 federal, state, and local government agencies. Serving this diverse clientele has allowed us to grow from a simple CRM to a comprehensive digital solution that can be customized to fit any organization's individual needs. Here are five examples of how IQ is meeting the needs of other offices or agencies and new ways it may be able to serve yours as well.



Hold Telephone Town Halls

Through IQ's telephone town hall integration, government offices and agencies can connect directly with citizens on their device of choice. Users can also take advantage of live polling, custom caller IDs, and social media promotion plans to maximize engagement. During the event, you'll have access to instant insights where you can view participant engagement and poll results in real time. After your event, IQ automatically imports attendee names, contact information, and survey responses for immediate reporting and outreach, saving your staff time and effort in the data entry process. Start engaging directly with your constituents–schedule a telephone town hall today!





Discover Valuable Demographic Insights

IQ partners with the best data providers in the business to give you access to accurate contact information and demographics insights on your citizens. Our data integration simplifies the import process to three easy steps, so all users have to do is map their geographic area, import the list into IQ, and begin building and sending outreach to their new contacts. Once in IQ, this data provides valuable insights into the population you serve. Every citizen interaction–whether in correspondence or service requests–is attached to a contact record, creating a full history for each person you serve. And when you update your data, there's no need to worry about redundant records because IQ will automatically compare each imported contact to existing contact records, updating and removing duplicates so that your data is squeaky clean. Don't waste time formatting lists and manually uploading–take advantage of IQ's data integration today!


Track D.C. Tour Requests

IQ integrates with TourTrackr, a digital tour booking process where Congressional staffers can track upcoming tours, sync with constituent calendars, send automated confirmations, and more all from within IQ. This integration helps offices digitize and streamline the tour booking process to stay on top of thousands of tour requests each year without the use of clunky Excel spreadsheets and manual data entry. With TourTrackr in IQ, staffers can also receive alerts for upcoming tours and unfinished requests, view statistics on past tours, and take advantage of a comprehensive tour booking instruction guide. Sign up before August 31, 2019 for a 30-day free trial!



Create & Send eNewsletters

IQ's new enewsletter wizard guides users through an intuitive four-step process for building and sending outreach to constituents–now with A/B testing capability! From design and content creation to defining an audience and sending, each office or agency can easily customize IQ's enewsletter tool to fit any need. Users can also drag and drop to easily add images, videos, links, and surveys. Once the enewsletter is sent, share the content to social media and take advantage of IQ's key performance indicators that display open rates, click throughs, bounce backs and more to better optimize future email outreach. Talk to your ITC about creating a custom outreach template for your office!



Monitor & Analyze Social Media Channels

Because we live in a digital age, online interactions are just as important as analog ones, especially for Congressional offices. Although many constituents will use more traditional ways to contact your office, such as by email or phone call, others may find that the most convenient way for them is to comment or direct message your office on social media. IQ integrates with leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, to import and store these important interactions within IQ. Within IQ's Social Media Center, staffers can view analytics from all connected platforms and monitor news feeds in real time to strategize how to better leverage your office's social media presence. Contact your ITC to set up your office's Social Media Center today!

IQ is much more than a correspondence management tool–it's a flexible, configurable CRM solution created to meet the needs of every office or agency it serves. From telephone town halls to tour requests, IQ users can take advantage of our many integrations, keeping all data and interactions within IQ's versatile and user-friendly interface. Contact us for more information and to request a free demo today!