Press Releases in Office 365: What Your Office Needs to Know

Can't send mass mailers with Office 365? IQ can help!
September 13, 2019 Blog

Many offices rely on Microsoft Outlook to send press releases and other targeted outreach. However, with the recent migration to Office 365, Outlook limits the number of recipients for mass mailers to 500 contacts, making it impossible for some offices to send outreach to their lists. If your office is experiencing this problem, IQ is here to help! With the capability to send to an unlimited number of contacts, allow you to easily update lists, import new data, and view outreach analytics with ease, IQ is the perfect tool to manage the mass mailings that Congressional offices send on a regular basis.

Read the tips below and scroll down to the bottom of the page to download our infographic on tips for sending press releases in IQ!

1. Keep Your Data Clean

Uploading new voter data into IQ is simple and easy for you and your staff. With new data, IQ will automatically clean up bad email addresses, comparing the data with existing contact records, updating existing contacts, and creating new contact records as needed. No more manually uploading and cleaning data--let IQ do the work for you and rest assured you'll be reaching the right people.

2. Send to Unlimited Recipients

While your outreach lists are limited to 500 in Outlook, IQ has no limits on mass mailing lists, making it the perfect platform to send mass outreach, such as press releases, enewsletters, esurveys, and more. IQ's user-friendly enewsletter builder allows you to customize our house-made templates to reflect the branding of your office or to have your dedicated IT Consultant build a template unique to your office from scratch.

3. Update Your Lists

Keep your lists updated with IQ's easy-to-use interface that even allows you to update and manage lists via your mobile phone.

4. View Outreach Analytics

IQ provides in-depth outreach analytics that report open rates, click throughs, bounce backs, and more. With past reports always easily accessible, IQ users can track trends in outreach analytics to inform future outreach strategy.

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