Our team of experienced outreach professionals work hand-in-hand with your office to design and send fully compliant US Postal Mail to your constituents. Provide your own design or collaborate with our artists to create a custom layout that will speak directly to your constituents. Once a design is approved, we take it from there— working directly with the Franking Office to get your mailing approved and on its way.

Postal Mail Digitized

Postal mail is remains a highly effective way to reach and engage with your constituents. But the reality is that the majority of your engagement data is online in IQ. When you work with us on your next postal mail campaign, we not only handle the design and work with the Franking office, we can also add a barcode that allows all responses to be scanned with the response data automatically entered into IQ with no manual data entry. We offer full design services, printing services of any shape or size, mailing services and delivery. All you need to do is approve a design proof and provide us contact list criteria and we handle the rest.

What is Franked Mail?

The United States Post Office defines Franked Mail or Congressional Mail as Official Mail sent without postage prepayment, which can be used only by members and members-elect of Congress, the Vice President, and other authorized individuals. Franked Mail is identified by the facsimile signature of the member of Congress in the upper right corner of the envelope or franked label.

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