Setting up an A/B test in IQ allows you to test two versions of an outreach, in order to assess and compare their effectiveness. To set up an A/B test, go to either the Content, Select Audience, or Review screens.

Set Up an A/B Test

1. After creating an enewsletter, open the Actions drop-down menu on the top-right and select
Set up A/B test.

2. You have the option to differentiate version A and version B of the outreach with four characteristics: Content, Subject Line, From Address, and Salutation. Check the boxes of the characteristics you would like to compare.
3. Choose a sample size to send the A/B test to. You may choose either percent or count to determine the number of recipients in the sample.
4. Choose a date and time to complete your A/B testing period. IQ will automatically begin building the winning outreach on the chosen date and time. Note, the winning outreach cannot be sent out the same day as IQ will need enough time to gather meaningful statistics.

5. Choose the criteria for winner selection. You may choose a winner based on one of three options: most viewers, most click throughs, or most survey takers.
6. Select the final action for the winner. The Build only option will construct the winning Outreach for you to send at a later date. Build and send will have IQ automatically send the winning Outreach on the date and time entered on the Review screen of the enewsletter builder.
7. Click Convert to A/B Test.

Modifying Content of Versions A/B

1. Choose the A Test option. Click in the section or the pencil icon to edit your content.

2. Choose the B Test option. Edit your content.

3. Click the Select Audience button to choose the newsletter recipients for Version A and Version B.

Selecting Audience Criteria for Versions A/B

4. In the column, “Add contacts with ANY of these attributes...” select the appropriate affiliations to include, e.g. Email opt-in, veteran, etc.
Note: The count of contacts in parentheses beside a code will not include duplicated primary email addresses or bad (non-deliverable) email addresses.

5. In the column marked “Exclude contacts with ANY of these attributes...” select the appropriate affiliations, e.g. Email opt-out, do not mail, etc. To review the actual email count, click on the Actions drop-down menu and select Review audience size.

6. Toggle from A Test to B Test to differentiate the audiences of the two versions. You can assign the AB Salutation to informal, formal, friend, or family for each version.

7. Click the Review button to go to the next step in sending the enewsletter.

Review the eNewsletter before sending

1. Choose the A Test button at the top of the Review page. Enter the email subject, from email address, and any attachments that will be sent in the A Test of this outreach.
2. Toggle from the A Test to the B Test. Choose your e-mail subject, from address, and attachments that will be sent in B Test.

3. In the Start field, select Build and Send (the default is set to build only), and set the date and time the outreaches will be sent out. Note: The time used is EST – Eastern Standard Time.

4. It is important to preview the two versions before sending. Open the Actions drop-down menu and select Preview. Enter your email address and use the semi-colon when entering multiple email addresses.
5. Click the Build and Send button.