Although the Chief of Staff and Member probably won't be logging in for their day-to-day responsibilities, IQ is a valuable tool for analyzing overall office productivity.  Chiefs of Staff and Members can check in on staff productivity through dozens of interactive mobile-ready reports and dashboards that provide clear visibility into office activities and can be set up to be delivered on an ongoing regular frequency to multiple email addresses. Advanced analytics tools give actionable metrics in real time on communications, staff productivity, event details, and more. Watch eLearning videos we've handpicked for this role

Run Executive Summary Reports

When the Member, Chief of Staff, or other management-level staff need a fast and accurate snapshot of all office activity, the executive summary report provides a real-time look behind the scenes in your office. With just one click, you can generate a simple, yet detailed report that breaks down office correspondence or services by issue, geography, source, and other demographic criteria, providing insight into staff productivity and constituent engagement. Contact your IT Consultant to set up and auto-schedule this report to be distributed regularly.
Screenshot of Executive Summary Drilldown Report in IQ

Create Custom Reports

Every office runs differently than the next. That’s why IQ is built with the flexibility to build custom reports on any business process you perform in your office. Identify the reporting needs in your office and connect with your IT Consultant to get started on a custom report designed just for you.

Compile Year-in-Review Statistics

With the help of an IT Consultant, offices can easily create a report to review the work of their staff over the past year or month. This custom report allows Members and Chiefs of Staff to quickly compile important analytics on the number of constituent meetings, policy letters, recommendations, co-sponsorship requests, etc. that the office completed over a certain time period.

Manage VIPs

Although Members and Chiefs of Staff may not make use of all the constituent information stored in IQ, they do keep track of VIP contacts. Mark VIPs with a special affiliation code to quickly filter to their records, keep track of ongoing correspondence, check in on open casework, and run reports. Many offices use this affiliation code to easily send birthday cards or other important correspondence to VIP contacts.

Purchase Hardware & IT Services

House offices can purchase IT support plans for their Capitol Hill and district offices as well as any hardware equipment your office needs to get up and running. Leidos is your one-stop-shop for computers and technical support needs both in D.C. and in your district, providing you with delivery, installation, configuration, D.C.-based escalation, emergency support, district office support, and a dedicated Systems Administrator. Talk to your Leidos representative or email to learn more.

Customize IQ

Easily configure the IQ home screen to display tiles relevant to your role in the office.

IQ Home Screen Guide 

Screenshot of IQ homepage featuring social media stream integration

Below is a collection of instructional videos recommended for Chiefs of Staff and Members.  


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