Communication Directors handle all of the press and communication strategy for the office. Communication Directors coordinate consistent messaging with the legislative team to send proactive outreach to constituents and press contacts, which can be efficiently handled in IQ. Watch eLearning videos we've handpicked to help with this role

Build an Audience

Easily build audiences in IQ by filtering a wide range of criteria, such as geographic data, affiliation codes, voting history, interactions with your office, and more. Use the resulting lists to send targeted outreach to constituents or export for use outside of IQ.

Building an Audience Guide 

Build Targeted Lists

IQ integrates with industry-leading data providers to offer flexible plans, including fully vetted emails, addresses, phone numbers, and demographic analysis. Our custom API allows data to flow securely and automatically between the voter data platform and IQ, so users can easily build targeted audiences for outreach. Users can also purchase predictive data showing how constituents stand about hot button issues and their political ideology. Contact your Leidos representative or email to learn more.

Importing Contacts into IQ Guide 

Build Surveys

IQ's simple and intuitive interface allows users to easily create interactive surveys to be distributed via newsletter or social media. Incoming survey responses can then be automatically tagged to contacts in IQ with no extra data entry needed.

Creating Surveys Guide 

Screenshot of survey builder in IQ

Send Press Releases & eNewsletters 

screenshot of IQ's eNewsletter builder
The eNewsletter builder in IQ guides you through a simple four-step process from design, content creation, defining an audience, to sending your outreach and publishing to social media. The A/B testing functionality in IQ allows you to test two emails with different content and automatically selects the better performing email for distribution, maximizing engagement with your messaging.
Communications Directors can also set up automatic follow-up campaigns to map out a series of communication and messaging to constituents.

View Analytics

IQ makes it easy to gain valuable insights on outreach processes, such as enewsletters. With just one click, users can view comprehensive data sets with open rates, survey responses, mobile vs. desktop views, bounce-backs, opt-ins, click-throughs, and shares. These insights help Communication Directors to optimize future outreach and increase constituent engagement.

Host Telephone Town Halls

Offices can hold a telephone town hall to connect with thousands of constituents over the phone or streamed live from your website or Facebook page. Our telephone town halls include interactive elements like live polls and video, and all data collected can be automatically imported into IQ after the event.

Send Text Messages

IQ users now have the ability to send, receive, and respond to SMS text messages within IQ. With IQ Texting, you can communicate with constituents in a way that is accessible to the general public, with a familiar interface and process, whether it's via mass texts or a one-to-one conversation. All text message exchanges can be stored in the relevant contact record for future reference. Contact your Leidos representative or email to learn more.
Screenshot of SMS Texting within IQ

Create Web Forms

Users can easily generate web forms that can be embedded or linked to on your Member's current website. These forms can be permanent functions on your site, such as for constituents to submit tour requests, or more temporary ones, such as a survey asking your constituents to give their opinion on a relevant issue. Talk to your website design or support team about how to efficiently post and maintain your web forms.

Send Franked Mail

Leidos also offers services for offices to send Franking-approved printed mail campaigns. Once your design and content is finalized, we work directly with Franking to get your mailing approved and on its way. With this service, you are able to include survey questions in your mailer with the option of having responses scanned and automatically entered into IQ, saving your staff from hours of data entry. Contact your Leidos representative or to learn more.

Design & Develop Websites

Screenshot of Leidos DSI custom web design example
Leidos DSI also offers web design and web hosting services specializing in quick-to-launch websites, bold branding packages, excellent web support, and a user-friendly content management system. Our design team works with you every step of the way, from initial design and concept discussions, all the way through to launch. Contact your Leidos representative or email to learn more.

Run a Digital Advertising Campaign

Through our location-based digital advertising, offices can target all devices in specific households without guessing or waste, a strategy that is eleven times more accurate than cookie-based targeting and doesn't waste any of your advertising budget on targeting bots. Communication Directors can use digital advertising to promote upcoming events, announce legislative priorities, advertise constituent services, or communicate with less engaged constituents. Contact your Leidos representative or email to learn more.

Monitor Social Media

IQ is integrated with several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, making it easy for Communication Directors to review past and present social interactions in one place. In IQ, users can monitor social channels, archive interactions and activity, view analytics, and respond to comments and messages.
Screenshot of social media dashboard in IQ

Customize IQ

Easily configure the IQ home screen to display tiles relevant to your position, such as the enewsletter tile.

IQ Home Screen Guide

Screenshot of IQ Homescreen

Below is a collection of instructional videos recommended for Communication Directors or Press Secretaries.

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