With expert-level competencies in solutions like Juniper, VMWare, Splunk and Citrix, the Leidos HITS team is the perfect partner for all your IT needs. Our team is well-versed in all House compliance rules as well as industry best practices which means you’ll benefit from peak system performance, all within enterprise regulations.

Create a Virtual Work Environment with Citrix

Citrix is a "no touch required" service that we can deliver to anyone using any computer or iPad anywhere. We deliver a private, secure Windows work environment on the House network for each Congressional office that has IQ and MS Office (Outlook), access to all House Cloud File Folders (Common Drive and Personal Folder), and can even print to in-office printers. Citrix ensures zero intermingling between the external device being used and the private House network work environment for the office or individual users. 

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Citrix is bandwidth friendly unlike a traditional VPN connection. A customer's Citrix system can grow to allow for enough capacity so that all of your staff can work remotely. Citrix is a more secure and long-lasting solution than providing every worker with a second computer that can get lost, compromised, or need to be replaced.

Benefits of Citrix Remote Access

  • Work from anywhere with a House VPN credential and access to the internet
  • Access a Windows work environment on the House network anywhere from any device
  • Avoid VPN congestion and slowness issues on home internet connection
  • Only requires a onetime activation fee and an updated client work order
  • Join the almost 300 customers already using this solution for remote work
  • Work on any computer or iPad
  • Use the full Microsoft Office 365 Suite and access House network file folders
  • Print to in office network printers
  • Enjoy full integration with IQ

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