Schedulers manage the Member's calendar, review speaking and meeting requests, and make travel arrangements. They're likely responsible for the Member's day-to-day schedule as well as long-term. In some offices this role is included under the title of Administrative Assistant who carries additional responsibilities. IQ has robust scheduling functionality, allowing staffers to directly sync their IQ calendars with their official Microsoft Outlook account so they can view and manage their schedules on-the-go. Watch eLearning videos we've handpicked for this role. 

Manage Calendars in IQ

The IQ Events application is a comprehensive scheduling and event management tool that allows Scheduler's to easily manage the Member's schedule, create events, communicate with attendees, assign staff coverage, manage group schedules, and much more. The IQ Events application delivers a familiar, intuitive scheduling interface and advanced scheduling functionalities, supporting everything from printed daily schedule cards to sophisticated reporting on Member visits.

Screenshot of calendars in IQ

Schedulers can also track unscheduled events that the Member has been requested to attend so that as soon as a time/date is determined the pending event will automatically populate onto the calendar. IQ will also keep a log of changes to an event, in case an event is postponed or canceled. Members can also tie any IQ data point into an event, such as key constituent or organizational contacts, a copy of the speaking remarks, driving directions, or copy of the audio from the event. Because Events shares the same database as the other IQ applications, every attendee can be tagged in IQ for follow-up, thank you notes, or future event invitations.

Processing Schedule Requests Guide

Run Events Reports

By keeping all calendars and events centrally located in IQ, Schedulers are able to run reports to show their Member or Chief of Staff. For example, if your Member wants to see how many times they've visited a county or city in the past year, a user can easily pull that data from IQ instead of having to manually compile the information in Outlook.

Create Events with Eventbrite

Screenshot of Eventbrite integration in IQ
IQ is integrated with Eventbrite, the largest event platform in the world. This seamless integration allows IQ users to easily create and promote events, while also making registration hassle-free for attendees. The day of the event, users can easily check in guests and subsequently capture valuable attendee data for import directly into IQ. 

Sync Calendar Events with Microsoft Outlook

IQ is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to easily create IQ contact records, messages, and new events all within the Outlook application. With one click, events scheduled in IQ can be synced with multiple Outlook calendars, saving time, eliminating the need for two disparate scheduling systems, and allowing staffers to check their calendars on-the-go. This function also allows Schedulers to use the invite feature on Outlook so that event attendees are prompted to accept, tentatively accept, or decline the event invite.

Reserve Meeting Rooms

On Capitol Hill and in the district, Schedulers manage room requests for available onsite meeting spaces, which are often limited. Whether the meeting is for caseworkers, the outreach team, or visiting constituents, Schedulers can easily set up an internal calendar for these meeting rooms and field meeting requests by creating a workflow that sends requests directly to the calendar.

Viewing & Adding a New Event to the Daily Schedule Guide

Customize IQ

Easily configure the IQ home screen to display tiles relevant to your position. For instance, Schedulers can add a calendar tile to their homepage to display the Member or Legislative Assistant's calendar, so they know what's going on in and outside of the office on any given day.

IQ Home Screen Guide

Screenshot of IQ homescreen featuring social media stream integration

Below is a collection of instructional videos recommended for Schedulers and Administrative Assistants.


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