Welcome to Washington, where the best and brightest college students in the world come to explore careers in public service.  With only a few short weeks to make an impact, it’s important to hit the ground running. Here are some things you can do now to position yourself for a fast start and a great intershp experience. Watch eLearning videos we've handpicked for this role. 

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Register for a webinar to learn more about IQ, including specific modules including outreach, casework, form letters, and more.

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Besides learning IQ, here are some basic tasks in IQ that you will likely be assigned during your internship.

Enter Opinions

Interns often are assigned to answer and log phone calls. When recording phone calls or any other type of incoming mail, such as emails or faxes, an assistant will often have to log an opinion expressed by a constituent. IQ has an opinion center where users can easily record constituent comments as well as contact information should the office need to follow up with them.

Fulfill Tour Requests

Congressional offices get as many as thousands of tour requests each year, so it's important that each office has a foolproof system for tracking and responding to constituent tour requests. In IQ, users can receive, view, and edit tour requests. Staffers can also set alert dates and respond to constituents using form letters. 

Create a Service Record Guide 

Fulfill Flag Requests

Flag requests can be easily entered and processed within IQ. Staff can also respond to constituent flag requests by sending a form letter or customized message to the primary contact.

Manage Incoming Mail

Many interns help their office with incoming mail, sorting messages into the appropriate batches, assigning staffers to respond, or tagging the relevant form letter.

Bills Campaigns Individual Messages 

Search & Store Form Letters

IQ also serves as a full documents management system, where users can upload files and new versions, that compliments office shared drives. IQ will log interactions with files, such as if a user checks out or uploads a new version of the document. Legislative Assistants can search and filter in the library module in IQ to view a full history of the form letters their office has created and used.

 Creating Form Letters Searching Form Letters 

Customize IQ

Easily configure the IQ home screen to display tiles relevant to your role in the office.

Customize IQ Guide

Screenshot of IQ homepage featuring social media stream integration

Below is a collection of instructional videos recommended for interns. 

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