See below for answers to many frequently asked questions about office setup, IT maintenance as well as getting started with your new IQ CRM system.  In addition to this critical information, we've also created a checklist that guides you through a few simple tasks that you can complete now that will save you and your staff time in 2021.

Onboarding with IQ

  • Dedicated IQ Consultants. Please contact your office IQ Consultant(s) for on-going office support. 
  • Help Desk Staff.  Please contact our Help Desk staff for technical support issues on IQ.
  • Email: support@IQservicedesk.com
  • Phone: 703-206-0188
  • Chat Feature: Click chat icon (i.e. the icon is highlighted in yellow on the image below).  On your screen, the Chat icon is located on the top right corner of your screen.

In some cases, yes.  Please contact us at house.sales@leidos.com to talk about your options for inheriting data.
We offer a number of virtual training sessions each month on a variety of topics for users of all skill levels.  Check our Congressional training calendar to find a session and register.
Yes. The House Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides a default website for every Freshman Member.  This website is live when the Member is sworn into office. Any requests for changes can be sent to “House Web Services” via- Submit A Help Ticket.

Onboarding with House IT Services (HITS)

We will! Fun fact, the Member-elect offices are being set up throughout December. They should be ready to go by Jan. 3rd when you get your keys! Please make sure to submit your Client Work Order (CWO) contract to confirm your vendor selections by 12/4 to ensure we will be assigned to stand-up your office.

To get started with the District Office (DO) set up, please contact both Bruce  Saykhamphone (Bruce.Saykhamphone@mail.house.gov) AND Eva Martin (eva.martin@mail.house.gov). 

NOTE: Whether you are keeping the predecessor’s flagship office or not, to start the process, you must contact Bruce and Eva (e-mails above).

We can help! Please contact LeidosHouseIT@mail.house.gov

  • Be sure to include: Members-Elect Name and State & District
  • Please note, the staffer must get permission from the Member they are transferring his/her mailbox from. Once you e-mail us, we will provide the ACCOUNT MIGRATION CONSENT FORM to fill out.
You will enter the name of the SA assigned to your office.
The CAO will furnish enough computers to make sure each office has 10 PC laptops.  One of these laptops will be provided directly to the Member during New Member Orientation.  The other nine will be set up in the office during Freshman Setup in December.  Additionally, the Member will receive an iPad to use during New Member Orientation.
Printers, copiers, and televisions will be delivered to the office during Freshman Setup.  After January 3rd, the CAO will consult with your office on inventory.  Any equipment that was inherited from the previous Member and is being retained by your office will be delivered by the CAO after the consultation.
Yes! Please contact House.Sales@Leidos.com  While we can order computers prior to Jan. 3rd, please note that it can only be billed to the MRA after Jan. 3rd when the Member is sworn in.
No. The CAO Office of Telecommunications will not take orders until Jan. 3rd.  For further questions, please contact CAO Office of Telecommunications.  Office Hours: 8:30 AM-6:00 PM Monday-Friday, Excluding Holidays.  E-mail: tele.comm@mail.house.gov.  Once your phones arrive, please let Leidos know and we can help set them up.
Your assigned Systems Administrator (SA).

How do I take advantage of the $13,400 credit to purchase additional computers for my office/district office? On January 3rd Office Supply Store staff will visit your office and bring you a purchase card. Contact your Leidos Systems Admin when you receive your purchase card and he/she will consult with you and purchase the computers on your behalf.

Note: this credit expires September 30, 2021

You can purchase directly from a wireless provider or go through the House. If you go through the House, then contact your Leidos SA who will assist you in filling out a Smartphone Device Order Form and submitting it to House via MyServiceRequest
If you go through the House you’ll have your choice of two wireless providers: AT&T and Verizon. You can choose from an assortment of iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy devices.
Yes. Only on Verizon.

Additional IQ Questions

  • We have been providing Constituent Management Service (CMS) and Information Technology (IT) services on Capitol Hill for over 30 years.
  • Our flagship product is a CMS software called, Intranet Quorum (IQ).  IQ is the most popular and most widely-used CMS software on Capitol Hill.
    • Used by 65% of the U.S. Congress, 50% of U.S. Governors, and over 100+ offices for Federal, State, Local government offices.
  • Our services also include:
    • Website Services
    • Telephone/Virtual Town Halls
    • Voter Data Procurement
    • SMS Text Blasts
    • Professional Print Services (e.g., postcards, brochures, etc.)
    • Digital Advertising
    • IT Services and Hardware Procurement.
  • IQ is designed as a comprehensive constituent engagement tool. Its customizable platform accommodates the various needs of House office staff so they can conduct activities based on their role while enabling collaboration and data sharing among office team staff.
    • Legislative Team: Organize messages to effectively respond to correspondences and to track legislative bills, all which leverage a best-in-class Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI).  
    • Caseworkers: Streamline and process casework with our fully customizable constituent service tool.
    • Communications Team: Conduct proactive outreach and manage social media presence.
    • Scheduler:  Track member events, appearances, staff coverage, and district office activities via integrated calendar.
    • Member or Chief of staff: Perform detailed reporting and office analytics.


District Offices can use IQ to process their casework, accommodate service requests, process academy nominations, internship applications, etc. 
Caseworkers will also be able to collect Privacy Release forms Digitally via IQ. For more information click here.

You’ll need to have IQ installed in your computer and an active IQ account.  Contact the IQ Help Desk to set up your IQ account or via phone: 703.206.0188

Google Chrome is the recommended browser to fully experience the use of IQ but it is supported on all major browsers.

Typically the IQ database comes preloaded with names and addresses of your constituents.  Please contact your IQ Consultant to determine if this applies to your office.

Yes.  Additional options include Voting History, Demographical Data and Email Addresses.  Contact the LDSI Sales Team for additional information.

The Freshman bundle represents savings of over $10,000.  Click here for the details.

  • Contact me
  • Newsletter Subscribe and Unsubscribe
  • Meeting and speaking requests
  • Flag and Tour requests
  • Commendations and Greetings
  • Website Problem 

Web form information that is completed from the Member’s website is populated into IQ.  Contact the IQ Help Desk for more information.

  • Web form submissions from the Member’s website.
  • Message records that are manually created by office staff.
  • Communicating with Congress (CWC) allows Advocacy groups to send mass communications to member offices. 
  • Digital Mail Program.  These are postal mail that are scanned into IQ.
  • Telephone Calls your office logs
  • Social Media Messages
  • SMS Messages
  • Replies to the Representative’s enewsletter

In IQ, navigate to the Library menu.  Under the Find Form Letters column, click All Form Letters.

  • Inactive: If you inherited data, the status of those form letters will be marked as “Inactive”.
  • Draft/Active: If your office has created new form letters, those will be marked as “Draft” or “Active”.

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