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You’ve been watching TV pundits make high-quality appearances from their homes for months. With our new multi-site video streaming product, you can execute comparable events with multiple hosts in various locations and similar production elements such as custom graphics and lower thirds.

Here’s how your telephone town hall is taken to the next level:

  • Easily invite your audience to see all of the hosts simultaneously (up to 8 people on camera) and engage in a remote, secure and interactive conversation.
  • All you and your guest hosts need is a laptop with a camera and microphone or smartphone, and an internet connection, no software required.
  • Unique to DSI’s multi-site streaming product is any data collected from the audience (i.e. Poll Questions are automatically imported to IQ to be viewed at any time.
  • Expand your audience further by having your streaming event simulcast to Facebook in addition to your website.
  • Your personal Production Specialist will ensure your multi-site video is tailored to your look and feel and runs smoothly throughout your event.

Interested in using multi-site video streaming for your next telephone town hall? Contact our team at to learn more.

How Encrypted Web Forms Can Help Your Office

Web forms & how to use them to your advantage

August 19, 2020

While web forms may not be the most exciting digital tool, they can be a big timesaver, especially for government offices. IQ’s encrypted web forms are versatile and secure, saving staff and constituents time. Easily customizable and adaptable, this web form technology can be applied to any process in your office, even transferring private citizen information securely so you can ditch paper forms and speed up processing time. Here are some common web forms that offices create to streamline internal processes:

  • Special Recognition Requests

  • Meeting/Scheduling Requests

  • Casework

  • Academy Nominations

  • Newsletter Sign Up

  • Website Surveys

  • Intern Applications

Read on for more information about the types of encrypted web forms IQ has to offer and common ways that offices leverage this technology to alleviate pressure on staff and better serve their constituents.

What are Encrypted Web Forms?

IQ users can easily create web forms, match the fields on the web form to fields within their IQ system, and publish those forms to an external public website or email them directly to constituents. Once submitted, the information is encrypted and transferred to the IQ server and processed into IQ.

Encrypted web forms are the most secure method for capturing data from the public and transmitting that data to an office’s IQ system adding another avenue for offices to securely receive information from their constituents. There are four types of encrypted web forms in IQ: emailed forms, anonymous public forms, message forms, and service forms.

Emailed forms

Emailed forms are not public facing and are sent directly to recipients as IQ messages with embedded identifiers, so users do not need to provide any personal identification information in the web form itself.

Anonymous public forms

Anonymous public forms are often linked or embedded on official websites where they can be accessed by anyone. Although they’re “anonymous,” this just means that the form itself does not automatically identify the user. Fields can be added to request contact information.

Message forms

Message forms create message records to track and update information submitted in the form, such as new contact information.

Service forms

Service forms create new services and attach those records to the relevant contact. Once the web form is submitted, IQ creates a record, populates the fields, and routes it for action.

Interested in creating a web form to streamline an internal process in your office? Talk to your ITC today about leveraging encrypted web forms in IQ.

Why We Redesigned Our Website and You Should Too

How we redesigned our website to be more user-friendly and engaging.

July 14, 2020

Leidos DSI is excited to announce that we’ve launched a new website! With the help of our web team at GSL Solutions, we put together a new site to highlight our product offerings, support resources, and other content for our customers. Because our team builds websites for our customers on a regular basis, we wanted to walk the walk and show how they were able to find unique solutions to the challenges we faced in redesigning our website. So, here are some reasons why we chose to redesign our website and you should too.